Titan Claw LG

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Bleu Claw LG comes with a light & carabiner clip

Use with Small – Large Size Pets easily accommodates any size deposits with its extra large claws.

Works with any type of plastic bags.

Can be used with kitty litter

Keep one in the car and one at home, and it's perfect to travel with.

Durable Plastic Design :14"

Size: 14"

Use: Bleu Paws Claws open 5” to easily handle any size dog POOP.


  • Carabiner Clip
  • LED light     

Customer Reviews

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Terrific service

I ordered 2 Bleu Paws last week. Within 3 days we received shipment. The small Bleu Paws arrived in great shape, but unfortunately, the large piece was cracked and the package was bent. I emailed the company with pics to show the problem. That same evening, my email had an answer to replace the large Bleu Paw due to breakage in shipment. Two days later I had the replacement in perfect condition. We really like the ease of use for our small dogs and my daughter likes hers for her larger puppy. Thank you for helping us. I will proudly recommend both Bleu Paws for the product and the service.

Love this product

I have very large dogs that will leave poop all over the back yard. What I like so much is I use one bag and can go around collecting all of the deposits at once only using one bag. Great simple idea that works!