Featuring Our Patented Sticky Roller Element / Use Any Plastic Bag

The World’s easiest to use sanitary Pooper Scooper!




Titan Claw makes picking up POOP a breeze

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Titan Claw waste scooper for cleaner cleanup

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New Pooper Scooper makes an icky task easier

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Pet Parents Love the Compact Travel Size Pooper Scooper from Titan Claw

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Here is why TitanClaw is the next generation of Pooper Scoopers:

Features a Patented Bag Adherence Sticky Roller Design allowing any size plastic bag to adhere to the device that allows reaching down topickup poop without the bag sliding off.

Sleek designsXL model is extendable. 24”long closed & 30’’ long extended.

Bags slide on & stick to the sticky roller and pull off when ready to be removed and discarded.

Made of durable plastic & aluminum

Sticky lint roller is great to remove pet hair from sofas, clothing..

Includes LED light for night-time walks.

Use as a chuck it tool

Locking Latch Keeps Claws Closed.

Even works with Horse Poop.

Titan Claw represents a total sanitary solution to avoiding the bacteria encountered when picking-up dog poop. This means that pregnant women and people with weak immune systems can still remove dog poop without the fear of contamination.

How the sticky roller works

How to use Locking Latch

Titan Claw

Titan Claw Picks Up Horse Poop

Titan Claw XL

Titan Claw


I have several large dogs and this is the answer to my prayers, I love my dogs, but hate using my hands to pickup poop. #Titan Claw is the best
- Rachel NY

I really hate the feeling of poop in my hand when using a plastic bag I have been waiting so long for a product like this. It’s compact easy to use. It’s exactly like using my hand without the gross part touching the poop. Best thing I have bought in a long time.
– Jackie Florida

What a simple solution to a gross chore , walking my dog now is so much more enjoyable Thanks to Titan Claw.
- David Allentown PA

I am a dog walker so I’m picking up multiple deposits every day. I like the feature to lock the claws, now I am using one bag to pickup all of the dogs deposits before discarding it. Awesome Design
– Tony NJ

I bought a couple I keep one in my car for hiking with my dogs and at home. I REALLY like not using my hands to touch the poop anymore. I’m a big fan of Titan Claw
– Charles Chicago


What makes Titan Claw the best Pooper Scooper?

You can use any type of plastic bag. Your hands won’t touch the poop. You can save money when walking several dogs. You can use 1 bag and stack up the poop from each dog before removing it. Its compact easy to carry with the included carabiner clip and useful at night with the included light.

Which one works with my size pet?

For small to medium size pets use the smaller device (Original) For any size pet or animal (small – large) use the LG The claws on the LG open 5 inches wide to accommodate any size deposit.

Can I use any type of bag with them?

Yes - You can use any plastic bag you like ie grocery, trash, or poop bag.

Can they both be used with kitty litter?

The LG model is designed to sift out the kitty litter and is the best model for this, But the smaller one can pickup deposits in kitty litter.

What size ball can I toss with the devices?

Tennis balls work great with both models.

Will my dogs waste ever come into contact with the devices claws or my hands?

No - dogs waste never touch the device nor your hands as long as your bag is not torn.

Do I need to expose the whole sticky roller to use it?

No - when you remove the clear plastic protection sheet from the sticky roller you can either discard it or use it to cover part of the roller leaving a small part of the sticky roller near the claws exposed. This area will be sticky enough to secure a bag onto the device..